Sahm Massage & Lashes - Relaxation At Its Finest
Eyelash Extensions

These lashes are gorgeous and worth every penny. Welcome to waking up, putting your lips on and out the door. Enjoy waking up without the worry of them attached to the pillow or your forehead. Give me 60 minutes to transform you. You can go anywhere to get lashes but here is where you want to be. You get the best in the business at a fraction of the cost of the other guys and your stylist (me) has been working with Novalash products for 9 years. I don't have a "Glam", "Diva" or "Natural" look. Tell me what you want, the price is the same around the clock. Come and get your money's worth.

Novalash Full Set  60 mins

*Touch Ups  30-45 mins:
NO LASHES FOR TOUCH UP  $65 (current client)

Lash Removal   15 mins
$25... Tired of your lashes and just want a break.

Come Back to Nova:
If you decide you miss your lashes or miss me, come back and get a new set for $80. Once you are my client, you will always be.

Makeup Removal:
$10... Those of you who like to wear make up, that's fine. However, remove your make up before coming in for a fill. This gives me more time applying lashes and less time stripping lashes of makeup. If you happen to lose half of your lashes cleaning them, that's okay, but I think you'd rather have me applying lashes than cleaning them. (This is your time)

Refresher Set:
$65...Every now and then you will want to have all your lashes taken off, cleansed and reapplied. This is healthy for the delicate skin on your eyelids and underneath. This service is automatic and you will be notified the prior month. Cleansing your lashes will help keep them happy and healthy. Consider this option about every 5 to 6 touch ups.

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